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Occasional Cake Pops

Woman's Journey to Life's main goal is to mentor young women who are struggling and facing difficulties in their own lives, and help them achieve their educational goals.

Tiny Cakes Bakery is honored to be invited for the 3rd year to host a baking and creative workshop for the young Queens in training on July 27th.

Tiny Cakes Bakery's mission is to collaborate and build relationships with local organizations and non-profits in order to bridge the economic and social gap for change within our communities.

For more information please contact Shay Monroe directly.

2 Dates Left for the Summer!!!

Come out and enjoy an evening of artistic presentations, signature drinks, music, and cooking demonstrations by Tiny Cakes.

Open to the public. Register on Eventbrite.


Tiny Cakes has been invited back for the 2nd year with the CCAP Culinary Mentorship Program.

Last Summer I had a rewarding experience with my two mentees. They had the opportunity to work in a culinary kitchen space, gain business knowledge, and on the job experience coordinating events.

Check out the CCAP website for registration and other resources.

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